Freediving Instructors

Chris “Elvis” James

A former emergency services trainer and adventure consultant, Chris has made the Caribbean his home for the past 8 years. After helping with the running of other prominent freediving schools in the Caribbean, the lure of the cenotes of Mexico and great tacos encouraged him to permanently base in Tulum, Mexico.

He still spends a lot of time in other Caribbean locations assisting with the growing number of world class freediving competitions held there.

With his involvement in the freediving competition community, Chris has officiated, safetied or assisted in rescues in over 40 freediving world records and attempts.

Chris’s  Resume


Chief of Safety. AIDA World Championships Roatan. September 2022


Chief of Safety. AIDA World Championships Cyprus. September 2021

Senior Judge. Caribbean Cup. August 2021

Senior Judge. Azul Freediving Challenge . May 2021

Chief of Safety. Xibalba Freediving Competition. April 2021

CMAS Judge. Alejandro Lemus 3 x World Records (Freshwater) Feb 2021. Mexico.


AIDA Judge. William Trubridge World Record Attempt. Bahamas, Dec 2020

CMAS Judge. Fatma Uruk 3 x World Records (Freshwater) Nov 2020. Mexico.

AIDA Judge. Yum Kin Freediving Competition. Sept 2020. Mexico.

Freedive Rescue Training Courses. The pinnacle of Freedive Rescue Training. Professional and competition based training courses being delivered in Mexico & South East Asia. Conducted with AIDA Doctor Héctor Ruiz.

March 20-23 Freedive Tulum, Mexico. April 6-9 SecretBlue. Moalboal, Philippines.  April 12-15 Freedive Superhome. Cebu, Philippines.  April 18-25 DEEPWEEK. Amed,  Bali. April 27-30 Apneista. Amed, Bali. May 4-7 Freedive HQ. Cebu, Philippines.  May 11-14 Apnea Total HQ. Koh Tao, Thailand.


Chief of Safety. Xibalba Freediving Competition. Yucatan, Mexico

Chief of Safety. Azul Challenge Freediving Competition.  Bacalar, Mexico

AIDA Judge. Caribbean Cup. Roatan, Honduras

CMAS Judge. CMAS World Championships.  Roatan,  Honduras

Chief of Safety & CMAS Judge.  Oceanquest, Curacao


Chief of Safety. Nirvana Oceanquest. San Andrés island, Colombia

AIDA Judge. Caribbean Cup. Roatan island, Honduras

Chief of Safety. Xibalba Freediving Competition. Yucatan, Mexico

Safety Diver / Engineer. Vertical Blue. Long island, Bahamas