Freediver Course $450 USD


3 Days

3 Depth training sessions. Each approximately 2.5 -3 hrs

2 Classroom sessions. Each approximately 2.5 hrs

This course can be tailored to suit your time and travel requirements. Typically the Freediver Course runs over 3 1/2 days yet can be compressed into 2 full days. This course consists of the following:

Day 1. Information Session #1. (2 1/2 hours)

Topics covered include the development of freediving, equipment, basic techniques, equalisation, diet,  and breathing processes.

Day 2. Dive Session #1. 9am -12noon.

Familiarisation of techniques and developing positive habits. This session is all about finding relaxation, developing equalisation skills and greater body-awareness. Depth techniques include free immersion and constant weight. Maximum Depth-12m

Day 2. Information Session #2. (2 1/2 hours)

Debrief of the mornings dive session. In this session we discuss the potential risks associated with freediving. How and why they occur. How to prevent them as well as how to respond quickly, efficiently and effectively should a situation arise.

Day 3. Dive Session #2. 9am-12noon.

This session focusses upon developing relaxation and learned techniques further. Efficiency of movement and and greater self awareness will allow depth to be achieved naturally. Maximum Depth-21m

Day 3 afternoon or Day 4 morning. Dive Session #3.

This session can be another opportunity to practice depth techniques. Typically this session is an opportunity to put your new skills to the test with fun diving in one of the cenotes that beg to be explored. This is where your freediving skills truly come to life!

Freedive Tulum instructor cElvis James ascending into the light
Freedive Tulum instructor cElvis James ascending into the light

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