Advanced Freediver

The skills you learnt in your Freediver Course will allow you to get deeper over time if you continue to be patient with your progress and follow the guidelines you learnt.

The Advanced Freediver course will open the doors to depth in a very controlled manner using specialised techniques allowing you to confront the mental and physical challenges that will occur as you go deeper.

This comprehensive course consists of 3 information sessions and 3 water sessions.

The physiology of diving is covered in detail with long breath holds in static training.

Freediver Jake ascending the line in cenote Angelita
Freediver Jake ascending the line in cenote Angelita

Depth training is commenced using specialised, controlled exhale diving techniques along with detailed explanations and in-water feedback.

The final information session covers the rest of the gaps in understanding that you may have about freediving. This will include specialised training techniques, mental tips and tricks and how to proceed in your training safely and effectively.

Freedive Tulum instructor in cenote the pit


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