Cenotes of Mexico

A cenote is a naturally occurring opening in the ground that gives access to the water table/groundwater below. The limestone bedrock of the peninsula has slowly eroded away to create elaborate and vast cave systems.

There are literally thousands of cenotes located in Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula, each of them having their own unique appearance and characteristics. Closer to the coast many cenotes appear as open lagoons and surface pools. As you move to higher ground, the changing elevation allows for shafts, chambers, caves and vast caverns to be formed above the surface of the water table which remains consistent.

As rain water is filtering though these cenotes, the majority are primarily fresh water of amazing clarity. As a result of these cave systems connecting to the ocean, salt water can be regularly found sitting under the fresh water due to the increased density.

Due to the variety, crystal clear water, and amazing scenery the Yucatan peninsula is a spectacular place to visit and an incredible location to freedive.